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Real Property Matters

Real estate transactions expose people and business to significant risk because they involve large amounts of money, are governed by complex laws, and often involve multiple parties who do not have equal access to information about a particular property. Real estate issues can be transactional, involving an opportunity such as the purchase or sale of real property, or they can consist of a dispute, such as the breach of a contract or a disagreement over a property boundary.

CCD Law Group, P.C. attorneys offer experienced representation of homeowners, buyers, sellers, investors, business owners, developers, contractors, architects, engineers, landlords, tenants, real estate brokers, realtors, and other stakeholders. We deal with Department of Building Inspection, Planning Department, Zoning Issues, and Board of Appeals. Our attorneys quickly and effectively resolve your real estate matter in a manner that protects your legal rights.



Landlord-Tenant law is growing ever more complex and when a dispute arises over such matters the financial stakes are high. Whether you are a property owner, a renter, or a commercial tenant, you need effective and experienced representation to protect your interests. Since we represent both landlords and tenants, we can provide a balanced and objective perspective - something which attorneys who only represent one side often are unable to do.       


At CCD Law Group, P.C. we provide results-oriented representation in cases involving:

  • Evictions/unlawful detainer

  • Breach of lease

  • Recovery of rent

  • Nuisance cases

  • Wrongful eviction

  • Rental Discrimination

  • Rent control disputes

  • Habitability issues, including disputes involving structural integrity, safety, and health conditions

  • Commercial landlord-tenant disputes

  • Short-term rental issues including subleases and Airbnb rentals

  • Buy-Outs

  • Defense against tenant lawsuits, including discrimination and disability claims

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